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A New Normal

2020 saw life change forever as the Coronavirus pandemic has ravaged America and the globe, changing the way we socialize, learn, work, love, and play.  Uncertainty is now the new normal. 

Navigating the “new” normal is fraught with decisions about what exposures are high risk or low risk, and riddled with uncertainty — But there is a path forward. 

As antibody tests become more widely available, individuals will discover whether they have been exposed and developed immunity.  We need a trusted platform for verifying, tracking, and sharing that individual’s immune history.

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Immunify is that platform.

Whether applying for a new job, planning a social event, or meeting someone new — YOU decide with whom to share your personal immune history. Immunify will help you get you back to work, protect the vulnerable, socialize safely, & keep you and your loved ones secure.

For those with and without immunity. Immunify helps identify those people who voluntarily share their status – with their loved ones, social circle, employers & coworkers, and/or the public – take control of their status and reintegrate responsibly.

How It Works

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Verify Immunity

immunity, Home, Immunify, Immunify

Track Your Status

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Share With Confidence

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Return to Society Safely

Testing Centers

We are working with testing centers around the US to make it easy for you to verify and track your immunity.  Our partnerships are growing… more coming soon!!

Meet Our Team

Ben Williams, MD

Dr Ben Williams is a board certified emergency physician who trained at the University of Utah and is practicing in California. He has a passion for innovation and technology and improving patient education and access to care. His most recent venture has been the launch of a COVID-19 symptom based tracker application to inform the user of potentially overlapping symptoms and encourage them to self-care versus seek immediate medical attention, depending on the severity of their symptoms.
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Chris Kanaan

Chris Kanaan is our Chief Technology Officer. He has previously worked for Cerner in medical imaging and encryption which piqued his interest in the way that medicine and technology interface. Later at Quantcast he focused on developing analytics tools. At Yelp prior to their IPO, he helped grow the engineering team, and later moved to the cryptocurrency company, Ripple, where he is their SVP of engineering.
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Matt Fuller, MD

Dr. Matthew Fuller is a board certified emergency physician who specializes in Emergent and Critical Care in resource challenged environments. He also is the Director of Global Health, assisting in the development of medical systems in many different environments, at home and abroad. He is interested in the intersection of health and technology, and how novel technologies can help address large scale public health issues. He is co-author on many public health research publications, most recently, an important early paper sounding the alarm on the COVID-19 crisis as it emerged in early 2020.

Jason Leiser, JD

Attorney Jason Leiser is our Chief Legal Officer. Jason's experience includes negotiation of complex commercial contracts, management of corporate transactions, and oversight of regulatory matters. He is the co-founder of One Pencil Project, a charity that supports scientific research of cognition and learning.

Nic Kanaan, MD

Dr. Nic Kanaan is a board-certified emergency physician who trained at Stanford University and further specialized in wilderness medicine at the University of Utah. He is also an avid outdoorsman with a passion for enhancing safe exploration and recreation through education and wilderness medicine research. His most recent venture has been developing a platform to provide doctor’s notes based on algorithmic symptom based complaints for suspected COVID-19 patients such that can self-quarantine and not infect others in the healthcare field.
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Download the Immunify app now.

This app allows you to upload and view your immunology laboratory studies, track your immune status, and securely share that status with anyone you choose via a personalized QR code. In turn, you can also scan other individual’s shared QR codes to determine their immune status. Download this App.


Society needs an easy way for individuals to easily share their immune status with others.  This has to be done in a safe manner to protect your privacy and only share it with whom you desire.  We want you to stay safe and empower you to interact with people with immune status you feel most comfortable with. 

The app and service is free, as we want as many people as possible to use the app to keep everyone as safe as possible.  Uploading laboratory results is also free as long as you use one of the laboratories we have partnered with.  You can also upload your own results from a laboratory we have not partnered with for free. However if you would like to verify those results, we charge $4.99 for the work required to contact the labs to validate the authenticity & validity of those results, as well as interpret them for you.

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